IoT in your facility

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“Australians are not only early adopters of new technology but also amongst the leaders in the region…As a result, the adoption of technologies such as IoT, mobility solutions, smart sensors, and real-time data analytics, is expected to drive FM market development over the long term.”

If you’re asking yourself “what is IoT and how can it help in managing my facility?” or even if you aren’t aware that this should be the question that you should be asking, you’re going to want to understand this trend.

IoT, an internet of trusted things is accelerating changes throughout the modern facility. Offices, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and college campuses are all getting smarter. It’s not only going to save you costs, it’s going to improve efficiency, health, safety, and well-being of those working and using the facilities day-to-day.

The core focus of this trend is being driven by two factors:

  • Improved connectivity in the build environment;
  • coupled with the need for improving FM efficiencies

Let’s get into some examples;

Building Access and Security

There is some fear here amongst Australian facility managers that the links between assets and systems will be compromised with IoT.

Are you using mobile-based access control systems that can be accessed anywhere via the cloud in your facility?

Maybe you also share this fear.

However, with new advances in cryptographic algorithms over protected channels, those fears are merely misconceptions.

Therefore utilizing building access as a security feature within the IoT is now safer than ever.

The types of building access and security I’m talking about is mobile access control solutions through smartphones for building entry and access to internal doors, including common areas, elevators, individual suites, and apartments.

These types of access control systems explore mobile access control integration with more building utility systems. Which gets me into the next IoT controlled system.

HVAC and Energy Management

The same IoT identities that are managed for building and access control can be additionally used with other smart building activities.

This includes using mobile technologies to automatically adjust settings like;

  • Turning off lights when the last person leaves an area the facility;
  • Cooling or turning up the heat;
  • Controlling the lights to improve moods of the workforce in the building
    to improve work efficiency.

Maintentance Management

Managing multiple vendors to ensure that your facilities are being properly maintained can be time-consuming.

Marrying access control with IoT applications using trusted identities in the smart building promises to cut maintenance management costs.

Service Monitoring

The same IoT and mobile access that manages security, HVAC, and energy management, can also initiate work orders and service calls, automate technician deployment, monitor, and track servicing work and even authorize and secure technicians’ transactions using authentication credentials.

Mobile Responsive Workforce

A mobile, responsive, more productive facilities management team, and mobile workforce utilizing IoT is the key to maintenance management and other above-mentioned functions in the future facility.

IoT, an internet of trusted things is accelerating changes here in Australia throughout Offices, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and college campuses, they are all getting smarter.

Are you currently utilizing IoT in any of the ways we mentioned in your facility? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Also, would you like to know more about IoT and trends like these in the facilities sector and how you can implement them?

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