Happy Employees Are Productive We all know that happy employees are more productive, motivated, and eager to get to work. So what happens if the morale of your cleaning staff has fallen into a slump? This is not unusual considering the strenuous nature of the job. What is there to get excited about? Cleaning Staff Play A Key Role Cleaning staff plays a key role in running, and managing your facility and often their contribution goes unrecognized and underappreciated. They may be quick to be…Continue Reading “FOUR WAYS TO BOOST MOTIVATION WITH YOUR CLEANING STAFF”

“Australians are not only early adopters of new technology but also amongst the leaders in the region…As a result, the adoption of technologies such as IoT, mobility solutions, smart sensors, and real-time data analytics, is expected to drive FM market development over the long term.” If you’re asking yourself “what is IoT and how can it help in managing my facility?” or even if you aren’t aware that this should be the question that you should be asking, you’re going to want to understand this…Continue Reading “IoT in your facility”

Strategic Facilities Management Offices, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and college campuses, no matter what facility you own or run here in Australia, it’s important to consider Facilities Management (FM) from a corporate strategic lens in your organization in 2017 and beyond. If you have, you already know that the key to developing a strategic approach for FM is through attracting a diverse workforce. “…how can you attract talent that can develop FM as a strategic corporate function in your organization in 2017?” However, with talent shortages…Continue Reading “Need Talent To Manage Your Facility?”