Parking lots tend to be easy targets for criminals who are intent on committing crimes against people and things. Vandalism, car robbery, petty theft, assault, and other offenses are common in parking lots that foster the ideal environment for criminal activity such as poor lighting, abundant hiding places, and lack of surveillance Have you considered the safety and security of your facility parking lot? Do your patrons feel safe when they walk to and from their car? If not, perhaps it’s time to amp up…Continue Reading “How Safe is Your Parking Lot? Here’s Some Tips To Keep Your Patrons Safe”

Accidents can happen on the job without warning. No matter the type of workplace, first aid emergencies are a reality and require a level of preparedness to handle them quickly and effectively to prevent further injury. As a facility manager, you may be wondering about your obligations for providing first aid in your facility. Here is a quick guide to help answer some of the questions you may have… What are the Laws around First Aid Requirements in the Workplace? Under Safe Work Australia’s Work…Continue Reading “First Aid at Your Facility – What are the Requirements?”

So you’ve done your due diligence as a facility manager and have prepared a meticulous emergency preparedness plan. You’ve done a thorough risk assessment, defined critical functions, identified and allocated necessary resources, and finally created an emergency action plan. But with all of the time and effort put into developing an emergency preparedness plan, have you perhaps downplayed the most important piece of this plan? That’s right. Your staff. Consider that your emergency plan is only as effective as your staff is prepared. They are…Continue Reading “The #1 Element of a Successful Emergency Preparedness Plan”

The humble roof is often underestimated. Besides being the building cover that keeps the rain and weather out, the roof is actually a complex, structural component that helps support the integrity of the building envelope. If you are a facility manager that holds the roof philosophy of set-it-and-forget-it then be aware that your reactive approach to roof maintenance may be costing you more money than you think. Proactive vs. Reactive Anthony Vross, co-owner of Simon Roofing, an American-based commercial roofing system business, advocates that a…Continue Reading “Save Money By Being Proactive With Roof Maintenance”

One of the biggest reasons to increase efficiency with your cleaning services is the significant cost savings. Besides keeping your facility shiny and sparkly, improved cleaning practices can boost productivity and reduce the time needed to keep facilities clean. This efficiency can be the key driver in reducing labour costs; often a large portion of operational expenses associated with facility management. Here are 4 cost-cutting practices that can make cleaning more efficient and productive… Know Your Space How well do you know the areas that…Continue Reading “4 Efficient Cleaning Practices That Can Save Costs”

The Cost Of HVAC Did you know that 51% of energy consumption in your building is from HVAC system requirements? Keeping Your System Up-to-date Therefore, keeping your HVAC system up-to-date and knowing when to invest in new equipment and maintenance can be one of the most effective ways to cut costs in your building or facility by reducing overall energy consumption. Also, poor running HVAC systems can even greatly reduce the air quality in your building which can cause health decline to the tenants in…Continue Reading “Cutting Costs Through HVAC Optimization”

If you are considering the possibility of making your building more sustainable, then you are a part of a growing movement that is striving to make a difference in reducing the carbon footprints left by buildings on the environment. Research has proven that the built environment is a significant contributor to climate change. It is estimated that 40% of global energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions can be attributed to residential and commercial buildings. Close to 80% of these carbon emissions are created during the…Continue Reading “How To Certify Your Building Green”

Multi-site Facilities With the reality of diminishing resources and tighter budgets, facility managers are struggling with the heavy task of effectively managing multi-site facilities. Responding to the day-to-day priorities of emergency repairs, maintenance alarms, and resident requests can take up a significant portion of their day, leaving little time for the loftier goals of multi-site building efficiency and performance. Coordinating Different Building Automations One of the more extensive challenges that facility managers face is coordinating the unique requirements of each facility among a diverse collection…Continue Reading “Looking to Cloud Technology to Solve Multi-Site Challenges”

During the course of a day, facility management professionals are faced with multiple challenges that have the potential to undermine the efficiency and operational standards of their facility. These problems can range from simple, easy-to-solve maintenance issues to more complex ones that are only symptoms of a much deeper and long-standing problem. Whether it’s replacing burned-out lightbulbs in the stairwells or repairing a brand new furnace in the middle of winter that failed after seven days of use, these problems are critical priorities that facility…Continue Reading “How To Overcome These 4 Facility Management Challenges”

The Debate There has been a heated debate brewing within the commercial carpet cleaning industry for quite some time. The existential struggle continues to revolve around the most optimal temperature to use to get your carpets clean. So which is better? Hot water or cold? Loaded Question This appears to be a loaded question as both hot water and cold water offer benefits and drawbacks. Some experts agree that cold water protects your carpet fibers from shrinking and has the added eco-friendly benefit of using…Continue Reading “The Carpet Cleaning Debate: Hot Or Cold Water?”