Outbreaks from a contagious pathogen called Cryptosporidium have been reported around the world. In 1993, 403,000 people in Milwaukee, USA were infected through contaminated drinking water. What’s even more distressing is that these active forms of the parasite are HIGHLY RESISTANT to the commonly used chemicals for pool disinfection, namely chlorine and bromine. Closer to home, in 1998 over 1,000 cases were reported in NSW, Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory. This time the source of infection was not the drinking water but the water…Continue Reading “PREPARING FOR A CRYPTOSPORIDIUM OUTBREAK”

“Australians are not only early adopters of new technology but also amongst the leaders in the region…As a result, the adoption of technologies such as IoT, mobility solutions, smart sensors, and real-time data analytics, is expected to drive FM market development over the long term.” If you’re asking yourself “what is IoT and how can it help in managing my facility?” or even if you aren’t aware that this should be the question that you should be asking, you’re going to want to understand this…Continue Reading “IoT in your facility”