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Microfiber mops may be considered one of the greatest innovations made for the cleaning industry over the past few decades. These mops provide superior cleaning capabilities and offer many advantages over traditional cotton and loop mops.

Microfiber mops are made from small polyester and nylon fibers that are chemically split into even tinier fibers that are more than 100 times finer than a single human hair. When these minuscule fibers are woven together, they create a powerful net of cleaning potential that is able to grab dirt, debris, and moisture effortlessly and quickly.

The millions of spaces created within these tiny microfibers allow the user to clean small nooks and crevices that conventional mops are unable to reach.

Advantages of Microfiber Mops

  • Superior cleaning power
  • Increases worker’s efficiency and productivity
  • Cleans without the use of toxic cleaners

    Multi-purpose uses such as cleaning, dusting, and polishing

    Long-lasting and reusable

    Safer and less injury to workers

    Higher infection control and less cross-contamination

    More environment-friendly due to less water usage and the need for chemical cleaners

    Higher cost savings

Dry Dust Mopping

Microfiber mops excel at dusting hard surface floors. When a dry microfiber pad is used on these floors, it creates a static electricity charge that attracts dirt and other debris to its surface.

Similar to the function of a magnet, these tiny microfibers grab and lift dirt into the microfibers and hold it there leaving no trace of dirt behind.

When used dry, microfiber mops can pick up dust, dirt, pet hair, dust balls, food crumbs, and any other tiny particles that may be missed with other dusting methods.

Clean up is easy as well. Just pull off the microfiber pad from the mop head and shake the pad off to loosen the trapped dirt and debris. The pad can then be rinsed under warm water or cleaned in a washing machine.

Wet Mopping

The benefit of wet mopping with microfiber mops is they only require water to clean. No toxic chemicals are needed because of their superior cleaning power. They are effective tools to deep clean any dirty surface and are safe to use on hardwood, laminate, tile, linoleum, marble and any other surface that requires deep cleaning.

The microfiber technology can clean 99% of all dirt and debris.

The applications of Wet Mopping

Wet Microfiber mops can remove dirt and mud, sticky liquids and residues, spills, stains, scuff marks and so much more.
To use these mops, just wet the mop pad with water and then wring out any extra water so the microfiber pad is left damp. Attach the pad to the mop head and then clean floors as usual.

When finished, these pads can just be rinsed under water to clean them or machine washed.

These mops are also very versatile and can be used to powerfully clean other areas such as walls, ceilings, windows, and fans. The potential uses for this mop are limitless.

Some consider the microfiber mop the best mop you will ever use. It will allow you to clean smarter, faster, and easier than ever before.

Increase Productivity

Higher productivity, less usage of natural resources and toxic cleaners, and a reduction in worker injury can only mean significant long-term cost savings for your company.


  • photo credit: yourbestdigs Converse Chuck’s operating a steam mop’s scrubber via photopin (license)

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