How to maintain data security with cloud-based FM software

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There are many ways that you can maintain security for your company with Cloud-based Facilities Management (FM) software.

If you’ve ever been concerned about protection of your facilities data then you are going to discover in this blog today how not only will you be able to increase data security but also shift the entire process over to an FM software provider.

Not only can you decrease risks for your valuable company data, you can also cut costs, and even increase overall production efficiency in your business.

I’m going to talk about the 3 core benefits of how Cloud-based FM software can protect your company’s data:

  • Secure Hosting
  • Easier Access
  • Automatic System Updates

1. Secure Hosting

Just imagine that your facility is closed for a long weekend when all of a sudden you receive a call from your business partner that somethings happened at the building the day before it’s scheduled to re-open.

You get dressed, head over to the building, and as you are pulling up into the parking lot all you can see are fire trucks all around, smoke, and flames billowing from the windows of your facility.

Do you have back ups of your company’s data? If you don’t then you should consider FM software.

The key advantage of secure hosting off-site is that your data is backed up somewhere else besides in your facility so you can protect, at least, your company’s valuable data from disasters like these.

Some of the core advantages of secure Cloud-based hosting also include:

  • improved security and even scalability
  • a quicker route to disaster recovery because your organization’s data is held beyond your IT networks
  • significantly reduces threats and impacts on a company’s IT sector

2. Easier Access

It’s not uncommon these days to have multiple remote workers who need to access valuable company data all over the world.

Is your data easily accessible? If so, is the access secure?

Are workers able to easily get access to data on their mobile devices, computers, tablets at anytime of the day, or night, anywhere in the world?

Are you confident that you have this level of access for your employees and that it’s secure overall protection of company data?

With FM Cloud-based software you can ensure that you have safe, secure, and easy access.

With this level of easy remote access to all work that’s going on, it’s a lot easier for managers to see, remotely, the activities that are going on with workers across multiple geographical areas.

The core security benefits of easier access include:

  • full accessibility of data via secure logins from anywhere in world
  • managers can cut costs, assess risks, by determining what assignments are in progress, completed, or have yet to be scheduled;
  • improve overall production and collaboration

3. Automatic System Updates

Think about this hypothetical situation:

Your system was just breached and data for the entire company was put at risk because there was no one at the facility over the holiday break and the required security updates weren’t completed.

You need to hire an entire IT sector to ensure that all updates are completed system wide, and then make sure that you have someone in the facility at all time monitoring those systems.

This is the old way of doing things.

Cloud-based FM software gives you the ability to automatically update critical system security updates to protect your data, and to completely shift the responsibility of securing your data to the software provider.

When your entire IT team isn’t in the office over a holiday, as I just mentioned, to ensure that critical security updates are done and your data is still protected, Automatic system updates from FM Cloud-based software is the way to go.

You never have to worry about this problem again.


There are many considerations when thinking about the right FM software provider for your company.

However, there are two key core considerations that you must consider regardless of the kinds of FM software provider that you choose.

First, whether it will increase productivity:

Ask your provider specific questions, how will the FM software:

  • Lead to improved customer satisfaction?
  • streamlined work order processes?
  • Reduce repair and maintenance costs?
  • Automate routine requests and maintenance workflows?
  • Deliver faster time-to-resolution?

Overall, make sure that you ask your provider specific questions, as I mentioned above, and use this blog as a reference point for some of the key features that you are looking for in an FM provider. Good luck.


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