Are You Staying On Top of Your Fire Safety Systems?

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As a facility manager, you are well aware of the importance of maintaining fire safety systems.

However, with the heavy responsibilities of day-to-day maintenance and operations weighing down on you, the task of regular fire alarm inspections may get pushed to the bottom of your list of priorities.

Consider this as a little reminder to make fire safety a top priority once again.

Not only are fire safety systems designed to protect the occupants of the building, but they are also used to safeguard all property assets as well.

Here are some key fire safety areas to focus on…

Fire Risk Assessment

Staying current on your building’s fire risks is an important part of any fire safety plan. Be sure that it encompasses all potential risks and you have taken steps to help minimize these fire hazards.

Fire Alarms

Having the right fire alarm system for your building is a critical piece for prevention. Ensure that the fire alarms meet current standards and regulations.


Inspecting and maintaining your fire protection system should be carried out on a regular basis and should ensure that all safety features are functioning and in good working order.


The best way to ensure that regular inspection, maintenance, and testing gets carried out on a regular basis is by having a fire alarm safety checklist that outlines all safety tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner.

Fire Extinguishers

Check that you have the correct fire extinguishers that are suited for the fire they are supposed to extinguish. Also, ensure that they located correctly near the potential fire hazard and that they are serviced and inspected on a regular basis.

Fire Doors

Just like fire alarms, fire doors should be inspected on a regular basis and kept in top condition. They serve an important function of preventing fires from spreading from one part of the building to the other.

Fire Wardens

Dedicating time to training leaders in fire prevention and management is just as essential as ensuring that the fire alarm and sprinklers are working correctly.

Make sure that you have appointed several fire wardens on various shifts to completely cover all of your fire safety bases.

Evacuation Plan

You need to be prepared in the event of a fire. Having an emergency evacuation plan ensures that you get everyone out of the building in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

This plan will literally save lives.

Fire Drills

These are a necessary practice to adequately prepare occupants or employees of the facility on the proper evacuation procedures. Most fire drills are looked upon with complacency.

However, if the occupants only remember one thing about how to evacuate, they are in a much better position in safety exiting the building if there is a fire.

Fire Safety Records

Along with the checklists, fire safety records keep track of the steps you have taken to make fire safety a priority at your facility.

They also keep you accountable if and when you get a surprise spot check from the local fire department.


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