Adding Life to Your Outdoor Space

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Do you want to know the quickest way to add some zip and spice to your building facility’s property?

Improve curb appeal by bringing your outdoor space to life.

Research has shown that a building’s outdoor design and aesthetics has the ability to make or break first impressions.

Think about it. A building’s landscape is the gateway to the facility, and how you present this space to visitors, residents, and passerbys can create a pleasant, positive experience for them or perhaps a distasteful one.

Imagine lush central courtyards with landscaped sitting areas that draw people outside at all times of the day. Now consider cement and concrete as the main features enhancing an outdoor environment.

Which setting would you be more naturally drawn to and want to spend time in? Obviously the more aesthetically pleasing one would make more of a warm and memorable impression.

Creating outdoor amenities that are an extension of a facility or workplace building is a growing trend around the world. Besides the perfectly manicured bushes, lawns and decorative trees, savvy facility managers are moving forward to create outdoor spaces that bring people together.

Not only do they want outdoor amenities to help them stand out from the crowd, but they also want the added effect of creating a sense of community and promoting health and well-being.

Consider roof decks, garden sitting areas, walking trails, creative landscaping, outdoor fitness and yoga classes, or even lunchtime food trucks in the courtyard.

The ideas are limited to only your imagination and of course, budget.

If you are restricted to a small budget and still want to create an inspiring outdoor space that leaves a lasting impression, consider these cost-effective ways to bring magic to your outdoor space…

Simple is Best

There is no need to worry about buying expensive water fountains and exotic shrubbery to make a lasting impression.

The best way you can add life to your outdoor space is by keeping it simple.

Consider the ways you can add value without breaking your budget.

How about a few picnic tables where employees or tenants can gather at various times of the day?

Or maybe a few potted flowers and plants to bring life to what may be a very lifeless cement building.

Add in a bike rack and you can encourage people to spend more time outdoors.

Although these ways seem miniscule compared to the grand landscaping plans of bigger budgets, know that these simple gestures will make a difference in how others perceive as well as enjoy your facility.

Involve the Community

Consider how getting others involved in this outdoor beautification project can take your vision far beyond what you originally expected.

Local employees, tenants, and users of your facility have a legitimate stake in how you improve the outdoor space. Ask them what amenities they would like to have available for their use.

Perhaps it’s a simple walking trail, a rooftop garden, or maybe even lunchtime Tai Chi classes.

By moving beyond what you think would be nice, and focusing on what the people actually want may make all the difference in the creating a pleasant and enjoyable space for all.

They may even want to get involved with the creation process by volunteering their time and energy.

Stay Local

Consider only native species of flowers, plants, trees, and shrubbery when designing your outdoor space.

Not only will this save you a tonne of money, but is also one of the most sustainable options you can do.

Unfortunately, this simple idea tends to get lost along the way.

But choosing local plants that are well-matched for the climate and soils will help reduce transport costs of shipping exotic plants to your facility as well as lower the water usage needed to sustain these plants.

Local is best.

Setting aside your expectations of a perfectly manicured courtyard and property, your main goal of creating a beautiful outdoor space is to help create a place where people can experience your property in a positive and life-affirming way.


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