How To Overcome These 4 Facility Management Challenges

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During the course of a day, facility management professionals are faced with multiple challenges that have the potential to undermine the efficiency and operational standards of their facility.

These problems can range from simple, easy-to-solve maintenance issues to more complex ones that are only symptoms of a much deeper and long-standing problem.

Whether it’s replacing burned-out lightbulbs in the stairwells or repairing a brand new furnace in the middle of winter that failed after seven days of use, these problems are critical priorities that facility mangers must solve and quickly.

Here are four of the most common facility management problems and how to overcome them…

The Heavy Load of Keeping the Facility Operational and Safe

This one can be a juggling act for most facility managers as they are required to do many jobs at once.

From troubleshooting multiple challenges that require their immediate attention, to ensuring the continuous and smooth operation of the facility, and finally to keeping the facility and grounds safe and free from hazards, this role can be demanding and requires a strong commitment to organization and follow through.

Keeping all of this under control may be considered one of the most difficult challenges faced by facility managers.


  • Schedule regular preventative maintenance

    This is essential for keeping all assets running efficiently and smoothly and helps avoid potential disasters of equipment breakdown.

  • Incorporate facility management software

    This can help keep you organized and on top of all of your responsibilities that require your attention on a daily basis. It can also help with asset tracking, work orders, and inventory management.

Controlling Costs

Another major challenge faced by facility managers is keeping the operational costs down while continuing to deliver the same level of service.

Rising energy costs are a major contributor to these escalating expenses and should be considered in assessing ways to lower these operational and maintenance costs. Increasing efficiency, lowering risk, and optimizing resources are key components of a successful cost reduction plan.


  • Increasing equipment life span

    This can be done through regularly scheduled maintenance of all equipment and machinery.

  • Energy conservation

    Replacing your older, energy-sucking machines with more energy-efficient versions can easily save you 20% or more on your energy costs.

  • Using facility management software

    Again this software can help you watch the maintenance budget carefully. With quick access to cost reports, you can quickly evaluate if your spending is off track and where to cut corners if you need to.

Maintaining Aging Assets

It is inevitable that your inventory and assets with age over time. This increases the incidence of machinery breakdowns and possible problems with infrastructure integrity which can only lead to repairs and replacement.

If these breakdowns are not taken care of swiftly, it can have a detrimental effect on facility operations.


  • Preventative maintenance

    This can increase the life span of assets, equipment and infrastructure and keep things running smoothly for longer.

  • Budget for replacement costs – Be prepared that eventually your old machinery and equipment will need to be replaced. Careful budgeting will help lessen the blow of replacements costs and can be built into your cost-containing strategies.

Managing Compliance Standards

Managing a facility while ensuring that you are complying with industry regulatory standards can be one of the toughest challenges. Besides taking the time to be informed of the current industry changes, it can be overwhelming to incorporate these changes at your facility in a timely manner in order to avoid any violations of these new standards.


    • Compliance program

      A well-managed program can help you effectively coordinate and monitor compliance with industry regulatory standards. This can help protect your facility from unnecessary risks and penalties.

    • Continuing education

      It is essential that your facility management staff keep abreast of all of the compliance standards happening in the industry. This education can be facilitated through workshops, seminars, and online courses, or even reading industry compliance blogs.

Identifying and overcoming the common facility management problems requires strategic thinking, innovation, and planning. Get it right and you will have a facility that runs efficiently, smoothly, and safely.


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