4 Efficient Cleaning Practices That Can Save Costs

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One of the biggest reasons to increase efficiency with your cleaning services is the significant cost savings.

Besides keeping your facility shiny and sparkly, improved cleaning practices can boost productivity and reduce the time needed to keep facilities clean.

This efficiency can be the key driver in reducing labour costs; often a large portion of operational expenses associated with facility management.

Here are 4 cost-cutting practices that can make cleaning more efficient and productive…

  • Know Your Space
  • How well do you know the areas that need to be cleaned in your building?
  • Do you know the actual time it takes to clean specific areas?
  • Knowing the answers to these questions cannot be underestimated and are essential in understanding how to optimize and streamline cleaning practices.

Take a walk through the building and perform a comprehensive review of the building and assess the extent of the cleaning program.

Make sure to include priority areas, cleanable square space, scope of work, and risk assessments of certain areas. Applying industry cleaning standards for production rates may also be appropriate.

Innovative and Time-Saving Tools

Is your cleaning crew encumbered with old and worn-out cleaning tools?

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to new and innovative cleaning equipment.

Not only can it lighten the staff’s workload, but it can increase their efficiency and productivity as well.

For example, backpack vacuums are far more productive than uprights and traditional vacuums.

Consider that a commonly used upright vacuum typically cleans about 2,875 square feet of carpet per hour.

A backpack vacuum can almost triple the floor space cleaned in the same amount of time. Without the cumbersome machine to tote around, efficiency skyrockets.

Day Cleaning

Does your cleaning staff do the majority of their work during the evening and nighttime hours?

Switching cleaning hours to the daytime hours may be a clever idea to reduce operational costs and improve sustainability. Day cleaning offers significant cost savings in the form of reduced energy bills.

Because there is no cleaning crew in the evening and night hours, lights and HVAC settings can be turned down earlier limiting energy consumption.

Workers can also be more productive because the daylight can help improve the visibility of the areas to be cleaned.

Green Products and Practices

Besides the environmental benefits provided by green cleaning products, are you aware that being eco-friendly can have a beneficial impact on your bottom line?

Sustainable cleaning products and practices can optimize a building’s operation and efficiency as well as lead to significant savings on energy and water consumption.

Less chemicals in the workplace also means less risk to workers, lower rates of injury compensation, and less packaging and hazardous waste to dispose of.

Cleaning is a vital component of facility management. Introducing more cost-effective practices that lead to higher efficiency and productivity among the cleaning staff can only improve the cleanliness of the building environment as well as reduce the labour and operating expenses associated with this essential service.





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