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Keeping Your Facility Running Smoothly

As a facility manager, you know what you need to do to keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently. But finding the most effective way to do this is often the challenge.

While some multi-national companies have large, dedicated Facilities Management departments, most small to medium businesses do not have the resources and money to support this specialized department.

Software Can Help

This is where Facility Management software can step in and help you streamline your operational and time-consuming daily tasks of maintaining your facility.

Not only is this the most cost-effective option, it is an amazing tool to help you manage daily tasks such as bookings, monitor utility consumption, track assets, and schedule maintenance.

Here are four ways that Facility Management software can help save you time and money…

More Efficient and Productive Workflow

Facility Management software can significantly improve the workflow of your organization by organizing and streamlining the necessary management tasks in an all-in-one system.

Conflicts In Scheduling

With this system in place, work tasks can be scheduled early on to allow employees to know exactly what they required to do each day. This eliminates conflicts in scheduling and improves the productivity of the workflow, especially with facilities like hotels and airports that have an enormous number of staff working there to maintain the facility.

Effective Tracking of Maintenance and Repairs

For many facility management staff, manually logging your maintenance statistics into record books is something you do on a regular basis. However, this manual method is an inefficient use of time and riddled with the possibility of errors.

Facility Management software helps you keep track of your machines through timely and accurate identification of machines that need maintenance, repair, or replacement.

Scheduling maintenance is a key component of saving money because it allows you to lower your repair and replacement costs of machines by decreasing the likelihood of breakdowns.

More Accurate Record Keeping and Timely Reporting

With the automation of record keeping, this software allows for quick and accurate reporting in a timely manner. This is especially helpful for capturing information as it happens throughout the day.

For example, entering a work order in the system to fix a particular piece of equipment allows you to start a history for that machine and alerts other facility management staff that there is a problem.

With this key information in one place, anyone can have access to the facility records, especially decision makers within the organization that rely on this real-time information to make informed and cost-effective business decisions.

Monitoring Energy Usage

Tracking energy consumption is a significant way to reduce costs in a facility. Without proper real-time data, this can prove to be a difficult task.

Facility Management software can help you improve energy efficiency by allowing you to track energy costs more easily and accurately.

Save Energy

With this key information in hand, facility staff can spot machines that are using enormous amounts of energy and producing other waste and then take appropriate actions to reduce their energy spend.

With careful analytics, your staff can monitor and reduce energy costs over time as well as lessen the environmental impact of your facilities.

Upfront Cost

Although there is the initial upfront cost of the Facility Management software, it offers a great return on investment and will not only improve your facility productivity and efficiency, but can also help you lower costs in the process.


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