The Jewel of Infection Control Over the past decade or so, the hand drying industry has been clashing over the prestigious title of the ‘King of Cleanliness’. Some circles believe that paper towel is still considered to be the crown jewel of infection control among the hand drying methods used in public washrooms. The advocates of air dryers believe that the paper towel crew are full of hot air and assert their method is best. It appears that the age-old debate of paper towels versus…Continue Reading “Paper Towels or Air Dryers?”

There are many ways that you can maintain security for your company with Cloud-based Facilities Management (FM) software. If you’ve ever been concerned about protection of your facilities data then you are going to discover in this blog today how not only will you be able to increase data security but also shift the entire process over to an FM software provider. Not only can you decrease risks for your valuable company data, you can also cut costs, and even increase overall production efficiency in…Continue Reading “How to maintain data security with cloud-based FM software”

Why Conservation Is Important In Your Facility If you own, run, or manage an office building, school, hotel, hospital, or restaurant then proper water management is important. For example, on average, did you know that leaks can account for 6% of the water usage in your facility? This is a staggering number and an important fact on why you should look at improving water conservation. Water conservation is also important because of the risks of: Water Shortages; And Increasing Costs; Effective water management planning is…Continue Reading “3 Ways That Your Facility Can Improve Water Conservation”

Lighting the Evolving Workspace The collaborative, open workspace is here to stay. Over the past few years, there has been a trend taking hold in the corporate work environment that has been shifting employees’ workspace from traditional cubicles and conference rooms to a more harmonious, flowing, and connected work setting. Centering around the themes of enhanced productivity and community, these open-plan, activity-based workspaces are now being recognized as the foundation for any successful business. However, it can be a lighting nightmare for the facility management…Continue Reading “Lighting For The Evolving Workplace”

As a facility manager, you are well aware of the importance of maintaining fire safety systems. However, with the heavy responsibilities of day-to-day maintenance and operations weighing down on you, the task of regular fire alarm inspections may get pushed to the bottom of your list of priorities. Consider this as a little reminder to make fire safety a top priority once again. Not only are fire safety systems designed to protect the occupants of the building, but they are also used to safeguard all…Continue Reading “Are You Staying On Top of Your Fire Safety Systems?”

Do you want to know the quickest way to add some zip and spice to your building facility’s property? Improve curb appeal by bringing your outdoor space to life. Research has shown that a building’s outdoor design and aesthetics has the ability to make or break first impressions. Think about it. A building’s landscape is the gateway to the facility, and how you present this space to visitors, residents, and passerbys can create a pleasant, positive experience for them or perhaps a distasteful one. Imagine…Continue Reading “Adding Life to Your Outdoor Space”

Today many facility managers are faced with an aging infrastructure that requires extensive upkeep and service to maintain. As a building begins to age, especially near the 30 year mark, the infrastructure begins to show signs of significant wear and tear, and may lead to breakdowns and problems with the actual structural integrity of the building. Proactive care and regular preventative maintenance can go a long way in prolonging the life of a building. However, what if you are unwilling or unable to invest significant…Continue Reading “Why Upgrades are Necessary for an Aging Building”

Biggest Mistake One of the biggest mistakes a facility manager can do is wait for an emergency cooling crisis to occur before deciding on what equipment they will need to handle it the next time it happens. With the scorching mid-summer temperatures common in Australia, the possibility of a HVAC failure can happen. Are you prepared now? In the best case scenario, you are adequately prepared and have systems in place to handle this cooling emergency. Backup cooling systems are brought online straightaway. Spot coolers…Continue Reading “Emergency Cooling During a HVAC Crisis”

There are many powerful reasons to consider solar power at your facility. However, it is just as important to be aware of the potential negatives of switching to solar energy. Despite the fact that solar power is the fastest growing source of sustainable energy worldwide, facility managers must weigh the benefits and drawbacks carefully, and do what is right for their facility. Pros Renewable and reliable source of energy Solar panels only use the energy of the sun to produce energy and can be collected…Continue Reading “Pros and Cons for Installing Solar Panels at Your Facility”

Having a reliable, fully functioning standby generator in the event of an emergency can mean the difference between getting through an extended power outage or facing enormous consequences. In the case of a backup generator failing at a healthcare facility, this could result in life or death situations. Emergency standby generators supply the power needed to support the critical loads of emergency lighting, fire alarm systems, elevators, and other life-safety functions that are necessary during a power failure. The stakes are too high not to…Continue Reading “Creating an Inspection Checklist for Your Emergency Standby Generator”